Unparalleled flexibility with Econential Homes

Patented framing system that is energy efficient by design and luxurious in feel; for a sustainable living experience that meets evolving needs of your home for years to come.

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Mass Customization

Customize your ADUs/Homes to fit any lot shape, size and orientation with our unique framing system that allows you to tailor your ADUs to need. Enjoy the flexibility to design and reconfigure your home as your needs evolve.

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Energy Autonomy

Our homes are designed to maximize energy self-reliance, using a Panelized Floor/Wall/Ceiling systems to strategically placed to reduce your dependence on external sources and saving you money on utility bills.

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Durable Materials

No built-in obsolescence, with technically and aesthetically designed dwellings made from robust recyclable materials that are built to last.

Our Process

designed, built and delivered within weeks

Turnkey Homes from concept to delivery

Econential team of qualified experts streamline everything from understanding your design needs to permitting, construction and installation of your luxury home. Enjoy the freedom to fully explore the potential of your space.

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Explore our Patented Framing System

Our unique framing system is designed to optimize home building processes with reduced labor and operational cost, short product cycles with faster delivery, enhanced durability and strength, with minimal risk. Experience living in a home that promotes wellness, supports your community, and reduces your carbon footprint. 

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