Building a Sustainable Future

At Econential, our mission is to pioneer green living for all. We strive to make sustainable homes accessible and desirable for every lifestyle.

  • We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship
    in everything we do. Our homes are designed from
    the ground up to:

Our buildings celebrate local ecosystems and biodiversity. We responsibly source eco-friendly materials. Our manufacturing process conserves resources. And our homes are engineered to be energy independent.

Build your Home

A future we build home by home.

Our mission drives us continually forward. We're devoted to innovating green technologies and raising the standard for energy-efficient, eco-conscious living. 

Our Manifesto

Co-Designing an Ecological Future

For over a decade, we have been testing and refining designs to achieve our quad bottom line:

  • Holistic Wellness

  • Social Benefit

  • Environmental Health

  • Economic Sustainability

We launched Econential in 2020 to finally bring our vision to life.
Our patented modular framing system gives us the technological edge to rapidly build high-quality, net zero turnkey homes. But we know true sustainability is not one-size-fits-all. It means customizing designs to match our customers' desired lifestyles.

Econential living is progress, not regression. It's smart innovation that lets you make more energy than you use, reuse water thoughtfully, and integrate space and technology for function and entertainment. It's zero-guilt consumption and intentional joy.

We manifest ecological living that enriches people's wellbeing. By co-designing, building, and enjoying sustainable homes together, we can write a new future.

Innovative Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

At Econential, we provide end-to-end solutions to make net zero living attainable today.

Our offerings include:

Custom Modular Home Design

Our architects and designers will collaboratively create a home
tailored to your lifestyle needs and sustainability goals.

Efficient Offsite Manufacturing

We manufacture modules in a controlled facility using streamlined
processes. This allows rapid construction with less waste.

Quick On-Site Assembly

We assemble your finished modules quickly on site
with minimal disruption to the land.

Net Zero Performance

We equip homes to produce more energy than they
consume through solar and geothermal building

Let us make your dream sustainable home a beautiful reality.