Our innovative approach to eco-entrepreneurship promises life-enhancing experience in just weeks, allowing you to live in opulence without compromising your values.

Discover The Econential Experience

  • Design

    Wide range of
    customizable options

  • Build

    Offsite manufacturing
    and onsite assembly

  • Move in

    Energy efficient,
    low maintenance living

Climate Responsiveness

Our homes are designed to live luxuriously without compromising your values.

  • Conserve Biodiversity

  • Reduce Impacts On Nature

  • Solar / Wind On-Site Data

  • Disassemble (DFD) And Re-Use

  • Develop Healthier Spaces

infinite customization options

With 15 room sizes and multiple ceiling heights to choose from,  you can create your ideal floor plan.

Some customization highlights:

  • 15 spacious room size options from 8ft x 10ft up to 20ft x 30ft
  • Single or double height ceilings up to 12 feet
  • Large picture windows and skylights for natural light
  • Expansive 4-season deck and awning combinations
  • Customize finishes like flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures
Customize your home

Neighborhood Scaling

How our homes integrate into communities

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