sustainability + comfort + luxury = Econential

Econential was founded in 2020 with a unique vision - to pioneer a new era of luxurious, eco-friendly living. We sought to prove that sustainability, customization, and comfort don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Driven by our commitment to environmental responsibility, we set out to develop truly breathtaking homes that reduce ecological impacts. We assembled a team of expert architects, designers, and engineers to reimagine homebuilding and make our vision a reality. Through relentless innovation, we created a revolutionary modular construction system that allows fully-customizable, energy-efficient homes to be built with incredible speed. And we meticulously sourced healthy, planet-friendly materials to craft interiors that promote wellness. Today, the Econential Experience is a thriving realization of our vision. With utmost care, we now deliver dream homes across the country that harmoniously blend modern design, energy autonomy, and sustainable living - all while keeping quality, customization, and comfort at the core. Our journey has only just begun. We can't wait to welcome more families into the Econential lifestyle.

Building a Sustainable Future Starts at Home

Our Mission

At Econential, we are on a mission to make net zero living attainable and desirable for all lifestyles. Our homes nurture nature, support communities, and tread lightly on the planet.

Through innovative green technologies and mindful design, we are pioneering the future of ecological living. Our patent-pending modular system allows rapid construction of customized, net zero energy homes using healthy and sustainable materials.

We Envision a Future of Luxury & Sustainability

Our vision is a future where sustainable luxury living is accessible to all. Where caring for our planet is woven into everyday life. Where net zero homes empower people to live joyfully and well.

We envision global communities united through ecological home building and living.

Over Values

Our vision and values guide everything we do. We build homes, communities, and a future where human wellbeing and ecological health coexist in harmony.

  • Wellness

    Promoting healthy spaces, materials, and lifestyles through conscientious home design.

  • Sustainability

    Building net zero energy homes powered by the sun, wind, and earth.

  • Community

    Fostering meaningful connections and belonging between people and nature.

  • Luxury

    Offering premium, customized homes that don't compromise comfort or aesthetics.

  • Stewardship

    Protecting and preserving our planet's precious resources for generations to come.

  • Accessibility

    Making green living attainable for all through education and collaboration.

  • Mindfulness

    Creating homes that inspire conscious and intentional living.

  • Innovation

    Pioneering green technologies and sustainable building techniques.

Message by Our Team

Hello and welcome to our website!

We are a team of engineers, architects, designers, and builders who share a common vision: to create beautiful, functional, luxurious and affordable homes and communities for people anywhere.

Our target is to enable Architects, Contractors, Builders and Home owners to use our Engineered Framing System to create unique and expressive structures that uplift the personal well-being, spirits and dignity of their inhabitants.

We follow Sam Mockbee's example and apply his principles to our work with the added layers of best practices in Building Science, Modularization and Multifunctional living space designs for extreme space utilization.

We will strive to capture your needs and aspirations, and then design and build homes and facilities that meet them. We use highest quality and eco-friendly materials and techniques, such as IAQ equipment, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, Greywater system and passive cooling, to reduce our environmental impact and save our clients money.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our projects, our team, and our values. If you are interested in working with us, or if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

We would love to hear from you and help you realize your dreams.

Thank you for your support and interest in our work. Together, we can make a difference in the world, one home at a time.

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We would love to learn more about your vision and explore how Econential can help manifest a greener future tailored to your lifestyle. We're happy to answer any questions you may have on our homes, process, designs, or sustainability features. Our team looks forward to collaborating with you!